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Chynna Parks

Business Development

Chynna brings over 14 years of cannabis knowledge and experience to the team and has an expansive understanding of retail, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing in both medical and adult-use markets.

As a seasoned cannabis leader, she applies this knowledge in her role as Business Development where she also manages and leads the Client Success Team. She is passionate about patient education, community outreach, customer service, and product innovation. Chynna also founded the award-winning brand Zendo in 2017 and is excited to re-launch the brand with the influence of the Yummi Karma team.

Outside of the office, Chynna enjoys nature. She strives to live an organic, natural lifestyle while on her 3-acre farm raising goats, chickens and beekeeping. Aside from the farm life, stained-glass is her favorite hobby. Creative and driven, Chynna can take on anything thrown her way.

Notable achievements

Zendo Awards

2017 High Times 1st Place Best Edible

2017 Emerald Cup 3rd Place Best Edible

2018 Edibles List 1st Place Best Edible

2019 Emerald Cup 1st Place Best Edible

Chynna Parks

Business Development

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