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Empower Women, Period.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Imagine that every month, you have the hiccups for a whole week. And during that week every time you hiccup, you’re supposed to pay a “hiccup supplies” fee. You always feel as if you’re not supposed to talk about the hiccups that you, and half of the population, have to deal with every month. As a matter of fact you’re told, in quiet whispers, it is a luxury to have those hiccups. Now, replace those hiccups with a period, and welcome to reality. Did you know that period products are considered luxury items?

According to the ACLU, in 33 states feminine hygiene products are classified as luxury goods and are not exempt from sales tax. In California, we’ve removed this tax, but only until the end of 2021.

Merriam-Webster defines a luxury as “something adding to pleasure or comfort, but not absolutely necessary.” Hmm… something doesn’t sound right here. As women ourselves, we have a hard time considering a tampon as pleasurable as a tropical vacation or a Louis Vuitton bag. We think its safe to say that during that time of the month, having access to feminine hygiene products is one-thousand-percent a necessity.

Look, we get it. No one wants to talk about the natural process that occurs monthly for women. Think about how those women feel who can’t even afford to purchase pads or tampons, even though they are a necessity. Not talking about it is a luxury, and it is important to take this stigma away.

The programs put in place to support women and children (WIC and SNAP), still somehow exclude feminine hygiene products. Not only that, women can actually be prosecuted for trading these credits for necessary period products. Sounds crazy, but also a little familiar. Similarly, there are 36 states that have legalized medicinal cannabis, and 15 states that have legalized recreational cannabis. That means that while in California we are lucky to have an industry where we can legally purchase cannabis products, there are still US citizens in other states that are left out and can go to jail for trying to do the same. Wow.

As an all-women company and members of the cannabis industry since the days when only medicinal weed was legal, we are no strangers to standing up for what we believe in. Whether it’s changing negative mindsets about cannabis or breaking the stigma around periods and women’s issues, we are always up to the challenge. Years ago, we created Mood Magic YK Drops, a sublingual tincture specifically for women. It was and continues to be a groundbreaking product because:

  1. It tastes Yummi! (with a natural raspberry flavor)

  2. It is meant to normalize daily cannabis use

  3. It has a targeted formula of herbs and supplements + 300mg THC

  4. It is made specifically to provide relief for PMS

PMS can be a real bummer. Not having access to a healthy, all-natural solution can be too. Not only did Mood Magic generate a buzz for its innovative purpose, it also gained attention because some did not like seeing “PMS” on a box for a cannabis product. Nowadays, after lots of education in our communities, Mood Magic is a top seller and is loved by all genders (it’s beneficial for men too, but that’s another blog post). So, in the same way that we want cannabis equity, we want period equity, and we know that the first step is talking about it.

Help us continue the conversation. If you purchase feminine hygiene products, consider purchasing another box and donating it to someone in need. Chat with your friends about ways to make a change. Share your PMS remedies with your besties. When you shop at a legal dispensary and purchase an eighth of legal, lab-tested, and safe cannabis, think about those who fought and sacrificed so that you could make that purchase. And we’ll make it even easier…

We teamed up with Torrey Holistics for the month of February to get feminine hygiene products into the hands of those who need them the most. Victims of domestic abuse, homelessness, and underserved communities should not have to choose between food or period products, when a period is as natural as a hiccup. Recent times have been hard on all of us, but together we can make a big impact. Not to get too cliché, but have you heard that empowered women (people), empower women (people)? Well, it’s true.

When you visit Torrey Holistics in February 2021, bring a new and unopened feminine hygiene product to donate. To show our gratitude, you’ll get 30% off a Yummi Karma product. Donations are going to WRC SD (Women’s Resource Center), a non profit dedicated to stopping domestic violence and sexual assault. Learn more about what they do and other ways to support women by visiting their website.

So, start a conversation, help those who can’t help themselves, and keep empowering others. Period.


Yummi Karma

Update: We loved this campaign so much, we decided to keep it going. Check back soon for more details on where we’re running our Empower Women, Period donation drives.



Kristine Freeman Marketing Manager You might have seen Kristine Freeman, Yummi Karma’s Marketing Manager, on a recent educational video. With a career start in retail and entertainment at Disneyland, Kristine brings the magic to Yummi Karma. A Southern California native with a diverse background, she spent nearly a decade working in the retail, theatre, and beauty industries. Not only has she starred in college musical theatre productions, Kristine has been a beauty, theatre, and film makeup artist, worked in beauty retail sales, and dabbled in the fashion world. In 2013, she took her first job as a budtender and went on to work as a brand ambassador and dispensary manager. Kristine has worn many different hats with Yummi Karma, from Staff Educator to Sales Manager, finally finding her calling in marketing. She used 2020 to her advantage, spending her spare time learning photography, video editing, and graphic design. Kristine loves reading, writing, and learning new languages and is cat-mom to Princess Tiana Rose. She is passionate about the health and beauty benefits of cannabis and is constantly educating herself on new developments. Kristine loves coming up with innovative ways to share her cannabis knowledge to help people all over California.

Nitaya Chapman Research & Development Manager Nitaya Chapman uses her organizational skills to facilitate success as Yummi Karma’s R&D Manager. Nitaya is no stranger to working with people in many different situations. With nearly a decade spent working in the cannabis industry, Nitaya has educated countless budtenders and patients. After working in dispensaries, Nitaya traveled around Southern California to work at educational cannabis events for Leafly and other brands, finally joining Yummi Karma in 2017 to work in sales and marketing where she has continued to educate brand ambassadors, cannabis staff members, and consumers. Her organizational and people skills have recently seen her position change to R&D Manager. Nitaya truly believes in the healing and rehabilitative power of cannabis and in sharing it with others. As a pescatarian, she loves animals and wants to save them all. She is interested in makeup and skincare and is always willing to chat with you about her newest discovery. Nitaya loves to learn, and this passion for knowledge and helping others is what makes her such an asset to the Yummi Karma team.

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