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Celebrate 710!

This weekend is 710, and we are excited to celebrate with you!

Wait, what’s 710?

Everyone knows about 420, right? Over the past few years, as various cannabis products have become more widely available, a new date has emerged: 710. The explanation of this date comes from how the number “710” looks upside down: like the word “OIL.” While 420 is a date that celebrates the benefits of using all cannabis products, 710 particularly honors cannabis concentrates such as oils, resin, and wax. Cannabis oils are being recognized for their wellness-related properties, and more people are discovering the valuable benefits oils can offer.

710 celebrations were first noted in 2012, the year that Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis. This was a historic step forward for cannabis and helped normalize the consumption of cannabis extracts for a variety of uses. Since 2012, 31 states have either legalized or decriminalized cannabis, while 36 states allow medical use. Commercial cannabis production has expanded, with products being created using the highest standards of quality and safety. Before 2012, most states made it a harsher penalty to possess cannabis oils, concentrates, or wax. On top of that, the quality of many products made with cannabis oils couldn’t be guaranteed and would vary due to how complex the production processes could be.

With expanded production under strict quality mandates, cannabis oil and concentrates can now be guaranteed to be of high quality. Also, with the increased availability and variety of cannabis oil products being offered, more people are experi